Family Photo

Family gives you the roots to stand tall and strong as long as you live in the world.  only family is the place to go home not other people and it is family that knows your good and bad sides.  enjoying a family vacation in between busy work hours is a happy treat.  love and […]

Photo Couple in Bali

Every time I see you, I fall in love again.  Please stop looking for someone who is perfect to love, better learn and prepare yourself to become someone who deserves to be loved.  even though every time, every day we often have different opinions but I still love you, and that is the beginning and […]

A Holiday Full of Fun and Freedom

sitting relaxed while playing splashing water on the edge of the hotel swimming pool, making our vacation full of fun and of course free from the fatigue of the mind, coupled with a beautiful hotel view and of course getting the end result of a good vacation photo from zhi photography

Prewedding Photo Bali

Prewedding photo shoot di Bali adalah pengambilan foto-foto romantis yang dilakukan oleh pasangan yang akan menikah sebelum hari pernikahan mereka. Bali adalah destinasi populer untuk sesi foto prewedding karena pulau ini menawarkan latar belakang alam yang indah, budaya yang kaya, dan beragam lokasi menarik.

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